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Specialist Lifting Solutions

Here at Specialist Lifting Solutions we pride ourselves on our skill set, service and problem solving abilities. We have been running since 2001, offering a wide set of skills to construction, HVAC, maintenance, communications, commercial, industrial, retail and private clients.

Our Lifting Projects

Our lifting experts have worked on a truly diverse set of projects from the smallest single item relocation to giant turnkey projects as large as:

The Olympic Village, The London Stock Exchange, F.A. St. Georges Park Football Academy, Manchester City Park, Westield Stratford, Marks And Spencer Distribution Centre London, Sir Robert McAlpine Headquarters, GE Aviation Swansea, Heron Tower and many more.

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Dedicated To Lifting Safety

We are dedicated to protecting both our employees and and those working around us. Safety is a major issue in the workplace, especially in a high risk environment like construction. 

We do everything we can to make sure we operate to stringent safety protocols and have full qualifications for the work being undertaken, with CSCS being a minimum requirement. We offer full risk assessments and method statements and make sure we follow all our lifting plans.

If we all take safety seriously then we can all make sure we're doing our job properly, safely and efficiently.

Leading The Stair Climbing Market

Our aim has always been to provide a complete and thorough range of services involving stairclimbing. As a company its where we started. We have grown over the years to provide a comprehensive stair climbing service unlike any other.

We have succeeded where many others have failed. 

Stair climbing up to one / two hundred kilograms is easy, when you begin to talk about much heavier loads there are many factors that start to influence the correct way in which it should be undertaken. The weight distribution in the object, whether you are going up or down, the objects shape, the stairs material and structure all begin to affect the way a lift should be undertaken.

In our stair climber hire department we find that nearly 50% of the machines we hire out don't even get used.

This isn't down to the stair climbers lifting capabilities but down to training competence, confidence and understanding the stair climbing machines. No single machine on the market offers a complete solution and we understand this, when to use a specific machine or piece of equipment and more importantly when it's not the right tool for the job.

This is where our bespoke equipment comes in. Our experience over the years have allowed us to develop our unique techniques offering you a stair climbing service like no other. 


Based in Cirencester Gloucestershire we offer a nationwide service and are prepared to travel any distance required. 

We provide our lifting services in the following locations; Swindon, Cirencester, Stroud, Tetbury, Nailsworth, Malmesbury, Oxford, Cheltenham, Bristol, Chippenham, Hereford, Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Worcester, Newbury, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath, Corsham, Trowbridge, Gloucester, Coventry, Surrey, Wokingham, Solihull, Reading, Guildford, Yate, Devises, Maidenhead, Uxbridge, Fichley, Croydon, Buckinghamshire.